February Favorites Part Two

I made you wait a long time for the second part of this post.  It was not intentional.  Thank you for being here.

Okay, so here are a few of my new kitchen favorite kitchen items this month.  I LOVE my owl cookie jar!  My sweet sister, Kristin, gave that to me for Christmas.  She bought it from World Market.  So cute.  I didn’t own a cookie jar until now.  Also, owls are awesome.  But I think now foxes are the new owls? 

Next up, a pie bird!  Pie birds are used to prevent pie filling from boiling up and leaking through the crust by allowing steam to escape from inside the pie.  How fun!  A little unnecessary, but I still like it.  I got this from my Mommy but haven’t used it yet.  Spring/summer is more of my pie baking season.  I love blueberry/cherry/strawberry/any pie, really.  I wonder what I should name my pie bird?  It kind of looks like a black bird, so I shall name him Paul.

Speaking of pie, I now own mini pie tins!  Now I can bake personal pan pies for myself.  Or, I can bake four to share with pie-loving friends.  I can’t wait for pie season. 

IMAG2805_1_1 Have you ever wanted to grind coffee beans but you didn’t have electricity (ha!) or an electric coffee grinder?  Well, you need this – an old fashioned coffee grinder.  Awesome!  Perfect for all of you coffee lovers out there.
IMAG2800_1_1And since we are on the subject of coffee, I thought I’d give you a Keurig update.  I’m really liking it.  It makes coffee-making more fun, and a little easier.  I have already used up all of the K-cups that came with it, and now using the reusable coffee filters cup things.  I’ve discovered I prefer the darker roasts – the lighter seem too watery for me.  I like my coffee nice and strong.  My favorite K-cup was probably the Newman’s Own dark roast.  Eric likes Gevalia coffee now.  I got him hooked on it.

I was also gifted these muffin top pans for Christmas!  I realllly didn’t need another pan, but how can I resist these?

You can make muffins AND cookies in these.  And brownies.  I have used these once since Christmas, but the recipe wasn’t very good so I didn’t post it

IMAG2803_1_1 I have some new additions to my Beatle glass collection.  These are my new favorites.  Any Beatles fans out there?  Whoopwhoop.  Did you catch my Paul/blackbird reference above?

IMAG2797_1 Moving on to my February beauty favorites…….. this lotion is my favorite lotion ever!  Exotic coconut lotion from Bath & Body Works.  It’s my signature sent.  It’s much better smelling than other coconut lotions.

Coconut Lotion
As for hair, so far I’ve liked using Garnier Fructis Volumizing Anti-Humidity Hairspray and Pure Clean hair gel.  I’m alll about any hair product that is volumizing and smells like fruit.  #Ilovebighair  The hair gel is pretty standard, but I feel like it’s probably better for my hair since it contains no parabens or silicones?  I’ve also been using Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo after I wash my hair.  I’ll spray it in my hair after I’ve curled it, along with some hair spray, and it gives it volume.  So I actually just use it for volume purposes, and not oily hair purposes.  Let me tell you, my hair is not oily at all.  It is dry, dry, dry.  So is my skin.  I’m constantly putting oil and moisturizers on my hair and skin.  Oh, I almost forgot about the Chi Silk Infusion.  My hairdresser told me how soft and smooth it makes your hair… and she was right!  I love it. 

I’ve been using Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal face wash and toner for a few years now.  It smells like oranges!  I LOVE the face wash and toner, and initially I liked the facial lotion as well, but since have changed my mind.  Has anyone tried the lotion?  It’s so thick and hard to rub in – it’s worse than sunscreen.  I feel like it dries my face out, too.  So, don’t get the lotion if you are dry.

I will add that this was the first face wash I used where I actually saw a difference in my complexion.  About the same time, I started using a Clarisonic and that helped my skin a lot, too.  My complexion was/is something I’ve struggled with for so many years.  I almost want to write a post about it, even though it doesn’t really belong on a food blog.  Not that this stuff belongs here, either.  But only blogging about food is kind of boring.

Lotion I’ve bought more eyeliner in the past few months than I ever have.  I’m always trying to find the perfect eyeliner; I still haven’t found it.  Do you have any recommendations?  I do want to mention the cream eyeliner by Elf, though.  It’s really cheap and it’s easy to apply because it comes with a little angled brush.  I have it in this turquoise color and navy blue.  The turquoise is really pretty with copper eye shadow.

I like to try out different foundations and rarely use the same product, but I have bought this Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse a few times.  It’s smooth and creamy and makes your skin glow.  Well, I think so.  I like the dewy look.  The Revlon Photoready Illuminator is nice to dab on when you want to highlight some areas.  I like to place it high on the cheeks, a little bit on the forehead, and my cupid’s bow.

These new Cover Girl Fixstick Concealers are fun, too.  I’ve been mixing them a bit and experimenting with contouring.  Here are two videos that explain contouring using them.

And there are my favorites for February!  Can I add on how much I’m loving watching the Olympics and how sad I am they’re almost over?  I’m watching the ice skating right now.  It’s my favorite.  Also, have you been watching Girls and House of Cards?!  AHHH.  So good.  Okay, well have a good weekend and thanks for reading! 


  1. I'm gonna try the Chi hair product. I need it.

    The pan pies and hand cranking coffee grinder remind me of Laura Ingalls. When you have a Long Winter, you can grind wheat for bread in your coffee grinder.

    1. You will like it, Christina. Whatever chemicals they put in there are magic.

      Hahaha you are exactly right! I LOVED that book! I forgot about that. Did they make bread with the wheat?

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! It's not too expensive, either.

  3. I want a pie bird, what a nifty idea! Love these posts. I love the Not Your Mother's heat protector spray... Target used to carry it, but stopped.

    1. I'm glad you enjoy them, Carrie. :) I will have to try the heat protector spray. I know I definitely need that! I bet Ulta has it.

  4. I love the little pie tins! I have 8 of them and usually just make 8 small pies instead of one regular one (make 1.5 times the crust) and freeze them unbaked. It's great for a quick dessert and each little pie is like two small slices.



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